An Enterprise Map of Tanzania

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John Sutton and Donath Olomi

In the first decade of the new millennium, Tanzania’s gross domestic product doubled in real terms, making it one of the handful of sub-Saharan economies that have shown strong and sustained growth in recent years. This growth was, moreover, broad based, with manufacturing output growing slightly faster than the economy as a whole.

To maintain this rate of growth over the next decade, Tanzania’s industrial capabilities will need to advance in a quite substantial way. The foundations for this advance lie in the current capabilities of Tanzania’s industrial companies. The purpose of this volume is to set out a detailed description, industry by industry, of those capabilities.

Along the way, we explore a series of questions.

• Where did Tanzania’s current industrial capabilities originate?
• To what extent are Tanzanian firms held back by problems of access to land?
• Will it be possible to successfully integrate Tanzanian companies into the supply chains of the oil and gas sector?

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