Editorial strategy

We offer solutions to publishing problems by bringing specialist skills to bear on each stage of the book-publishing process. We can either provide advice on a consultancy basis or engage directly with you at a practical level, whereby you outsource all or part of your publishing process to us. By outsourcing to us you put yourself in greater control of costs and only pay for the work and time we spend on your particular projects. We believe that we can save you money and improve your income stream.

Before a penny is spent on producing a book we can advise you on the best way to bring the work to market. Some of the many issues to consider are:

  • What is the aim of the book and who is it for?
  • When should it be published for best effect?
  • How should the point of the book be framed to make it obvious and appealing?
  • Does the title match the aims of the book and the market?
  • Are the introduction and conclusions clear (and matched)?
  • Should the book be presented as authored or edited?
  • What format should it be in to suit the target market and be cost-effective?
  • How will you reach international markets?
  • What copyright and permissions issues might there be?
  • How should the book be priced?

Some terrifically important academic works can be completely overlooked by the market because of inappropriate formatting, poor framing or even just a bad title. Time spent thinking about these issues and avoiding common pitfalls is always worthwhile. We might even advise you that an idea might be better written-up as an article or a blog. At the other extreme we might be able to see potential for more than one book (a series perhaps), or a more ambitious project reaching a much bigger market than you initially envisaged.

Under our institutional publishing model your logo would typically appear on the spine of the books, not ours. In bibliographic terms the books would be published by `Your Society in association with The London Publishing Partnership’.

Individually authored books (i.e. non-institutional) are published under the LPP imprint.