Production work will be carried out by our partner organization T&T Productions Ltd. T&T specializes in taking an author’s electronic file (usually Word, Scientific Word or LaTeX, although they can work with any format) all the way through to what used to be known as camera-ready copy but is now more commonly a press PDF file that can be supplied to the printer or an XML file. It has handled books from short 100-page monographs to the 1000-page Princeton Companion to Mathematics, and its staff are accustomed to working directly with authors from a wide range of disciplines, amassing an impressive array of personal acknowledgements and endorsements over the years (see the  Endorsements section of this site).

We can tailor the level of production service we offer according to your wishes (and according to the state of your source files) and we quote for production work in advance of each job. These costs are paid for by you on completion of a final printer-ready file.