Completing the Eurozone Rescue: What More Needs to Be Done

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completingtheeurozonerescue-e1371416131793Richard Baldwin, Daniel Gros and Luc Laeven (eds)

The Eurozone’s life-threatening crisis in May 2010 was halted when Eurozone leaders and the ECB took strong measures in May. But these were palliatives not a cure. The crisis is not over, according to the dozen world-renowned economists whose views are contained in this book. The Eurozone rescue needs to be completed. More needs to be done. The Eurozone “ship” is holed below the waterline. The ECB actions are keeping it afloat for now, but this is accomplished by something akin to bailing the water as fast as it leaks in. European leaders must very soon find a way to fix the hole. This book gathers the thinking of a dozen world-class economists on what they need to do on banking-sector clean up, fiscal discipline, structural policies, and more.

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