Catholic Social Teaching and the Market Economy

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Philip Booth

Throughout history, but particularly in the last century or so, the Catholic Church has developed a formal body of teaching on economic and political matters. Other Christian faiths have absorbed much of that work, as have non-Christians, and thus the body of Catholic Social Teaching has often been influential in the public policy arena. This volume, taking account of recent developments in both political economy and Catholic Social Teaching, examines the extent to which that teaching can be used to justify the free market, or alternative forms of political and economic organisation, in areas such as taxation, welfare, foreign aid, labour markets and business. It also critically examines the general case for an interventionist state in the economic sphere, as well as the importance of the development of responsible culture, underpinned by sound education, in a free society.

The book is relevant to all Christians, and others, who take an ethical approach to the analysis of public policy issues.

‘This book is a splendid analysis of how Catholic Social Teaching can be applied to economic and political realities in the 21st century.’ Reverend John Kennedy, former Secretary for Church and Society at Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

‘This book – which covers a superb range of topics – challenges many of the myths and assumptions that exist in Christian thinking on economic and political issues.’ Dr Stephen Copp, Bournemouth Law School, Bournemouth University


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